WH Williams

World class welding with manual and robotic solutions

The most qualified and experienced welders in Australia.

The WH Williams welding team boasts some of the most qualified and experienced welders in Australia. We understand the importance of this closing stage in the production process and emphasise precision and quality in our manual and robotic welding services.

Expertise in manual welding

The quality of our manual welding workmanship is world class. Eleven welding bays complete with highly experienced operators allow us to service a full range of requirements – from large and complex jobs through to one-off requests. The skilled WH Williams welding team are assisted by uniform operation systems, which means we remain fast and flexible to your requirements throughout the welding process. A 6-tonne overhead crane makes material handling easier on larger orders and unlike other machinery on the market, our Kemppi welding machines provide digital functionality with fully customisable settings. TIG welding is generally used for stainless steel and aluminium welding and MIG is applied to mild steel and heavy fabrications.  

Expertise in robotic welding

Our advanced robotic welding system is cost-effective and efficient for larger requests and repeat orders. The integrated Panasonic robotic welding system can store all program settings and configurations to make setup quick and easy for our experienced technicians. We now have two robotic welding cells, each with two stations. Downtime is minimised as the machines continue to run while the alternate station is being loaded or unloaded. The Panasonic system features:

  • A 1900mm radius reach for larger robotic welding jobs
  • A 3000 x 1000 jig table that makes both large and small, complex jobs easier to handle
  • 500kg capacity axis controller
  • A rotary positioning system interfaced to the welding robot controller with harmonious software.

No matter what you want to create, the consistent, smooth movement of robotic welding provides an unmatched quality finish, time and again.  

If you are looking for sheetmetal engineering such as laser cutting, saw cutting, bending/folding, rolling or welding – you have come to the right place. Feel free to contact WH Williams and our friendly sales team will gladly answer any questions you might have.