WH Williams

A perfect product starts with flawless design

Flexible, customised design

Successful and intuitive design is critical to ensuring your job is on track for smooth workflow and production. Our skilled team of CAD engineers draws on a history of expertise and uses state-of-the-art CAD software. They work together with you to find the perfect balance between technical specifications and the needs of your request.  

WH Williams embraces a flexible, lightweight design approach, as we understand that short design cycles and one-off product designs can sometimes require radical design changes during the production process. Our design and production technology is also from a single source, which means we avoid duplication and work with you to speed up the evolution of your job from design to finished part. We offer a fast and flexible design service and can import many different file formats, depending on your requirements. We can even work from your hard copy drawing to create a CAD file from scratch. Our designers also complement this expertise with access to extensive, well documented research from our always evolving design database. And once your design work is complete, WH Williams can help make your plans a reality…

If you are looking for sheetmetal engineering such as laser cutting, saw cutting, bending/folding, rolling or welding – you have come to the right place. Feel free to contact WH Williams and our friendly sales team will gladly answer any questions you might have.